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Turning your numbers into currency $$

Grow your business today. Our web administration services gets you proffesional guidance on how to make your website work for you. Turn your views into sales, grow your user base and run and grow your business like the boss you are!

Set up and launch in 10 mins or less

Data Entry Ninja!

You get a proffesional data entry expert who will load all your data on the website for you. Have 10, 500, 2000 or more products? with a wide range of categories and sub categories? Adding the data one by one takes too long? don't worry our data entry ninja has your back. We'll add all your data on your behalf within the day.

Adaptable to your idea

Data Analyst Guru

Take all the data on your website and use it to your advantage! Our data Analyst will give you useful insights based on your numbers. How many users did you get this month? What platform drove the most traffic? Are the Instagram bringing in the numbers? Should we invest in youtube and google marketing? What are the products and categories my users are viewing the most? How can I increase my sales? Our Data Analyst will answer all this questions and more, we will work alongside you, analyse the trends, we will give recommendations and help you make the most out of your eCommerce store.

Set up and launch in 10 mins or less

Customer Relations Master

At the end of day, customer satisfaction should be one of your top business priorities and our customer relations master will ensure just this. Follow up with your customers via surveys, emails, text or more. Learn about their shopping experience on your website and how you can improve it. Our customer relations expert will pass this information to our technical team of developers who will adjust and customize the software with your guidance to best suit your user case.

Three proffesionals for the price of one

Turning your numbers into currency. Make the best out of your eCommerce store by getting our proffesionals guide you through growing your business

Data Entry Data Analysis Customer Relations Price
Add data anytime provided Weekly data updates, monthly analysed detailed reports Follow up as requested 15,000 KES/MO